A month of historic rulings at the U.S. Supreme Court showed, yet again, why courts matter.

Federal courts protect and preserve our country’s progress – as we saw on Supreme Court rulings on the freedom to marry, health care, abortion, redistricting, housing discrimination, and the freedom of speech.

But that progress is stalling in Texas, where judicial vacancies for our federal district and circuit courts have created serious delays in the judicial process.

As of July, Texas has nine judicial vacancies – more than any state in the country. Last year, experts estimated that Texas’ judicial vacancy crisis had created a 12,000 case backlog that would take 19 years to fix.

At the same time it’s been four years – over 1,300 days – since Texas’ U.S. Senators put forward a female judicial nominee for our district and circuit courts. Only 28% of judges on those courts are women.

We need more federal judges, and we need diverse representation on our bench.

That’s why we need you to sign a letter to Senators Cornyn and Cruz urging them to fill Texas’ judicial vacancies with female judges!