America’s federal courts make rulings on nearly every issue important to Americans. Without the leadership and fairness of our courts, some Iowa families would still be treated as less than equal. From the 2009 Supreme Court ruling to the upcoming decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, our community looks to the courts to continue upholding the promise of equal protection. Yet, political obstruction has blocked well-qualified, diverse judicial nominees from being confirmed to the bench.

That is why it is crucial that we stand up for our courts and for qualified and competent judges who serve.

Whether your senators are Democrats or Republicans, it’s important to let them know that federal courts matter and they should work to ensure President Obama’s qualified nominees receive fair consideration and a timely and simple yes or no vote in the Senate.

The Iowa Fair Courts Coalition is a coalition of organizations, businesses, individuals and policy makers who believe that access to fair and impartial courts is a crucial component of a healthy democracy. We value a strong judiciary that includes judges who are fair, competent, and who have a breadth of experiences. We deserve a judiciary that will defend justice and will not be bought or sold by politicians. We will advocate for a robust and healthy judiciary that values civil liberties, equality under the law, and above all: justice.


If you our your organization would like to join the Iowa Fair Courts Coalition, please email us at today.


This coalition currently includes: One Iowa, Americans for Democratic Action, Working Families Win, the Iowa Citizen Action Network, and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).