America’s federal courts make rulings on nearly every issue important to Americans. Yet, political obstruction has blocked well-qualified, diverse judicial nominees from being confirmed to the bench.

Whether your senators are Democrats or Republicans, it’s important to let them know that federal courts matter and they should work to ensure President Obama’s qualified nominees receive fair consideration and a timely and simple yes or no vote in the Senate.

Join us and end the political obstruction that has blocked the nomination of these well-qualified, diverse judicial nominees. Take action today by signing our national petition, tweeting Why Courts Matter, or writing a letter to the editor.

About Courts Matter Illinois

Courts Matter Illinois is a coalition of diverse organizations and individuals working to ensure a federal judiciary comprised of judges committed to upholding core constitutional values. Core constitutional values include voting and civil rights, worker’s rights, freedom of speech, the separation of church and state, and the right to privacy.

The federal judiciary is a vital part of our system of checks and balances, defending Americans’ rights. Federal judges who have lifetime appointments make decisions about every aspect of our lives from the quality of the air we breathe and water we drink, to our safety and wages at work, our reproductive rights, our consumer protections and who we can marry.

The Courts Matter Illinois coalition works to:

  • Educate the public and our elected officials about the importance of federal judges who sit on the U.S. District, Circuit and Supreme Courts.
  • Provide information to the community about the judicial nominations process and judicial nominees who will impact our constitutional and other fundamental rights.
  • Support a judicial nomination and confirmation process that identifies and provides timely yes-or-no confirmation votes for all well-qualified and diverse nominees dedicated to fairness and impartiality.
  • Mobilize our communities to speak out and take action on federal judicial vacancies.

Courts Matter Illinois monitors and takes action on federal judicial nominations when there is consensus in the coalition, because of the immense power held by the individuals who hold lifetime seats on the federal bench.

Courts Matter Illinois is committed to ensuring that our federal courts work to the benefit of all Americans in keeping with the core constitutional values of liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Join us today in ensuring that “Equal Justice Under Law” remains the abiding principle of our judicial system. Contact us at to join the Courts Matter Illinois Coalition, either as an individual or organization.

Coalition members will:

  • Be invited to add your name/organization to letters to Senators and the media. You will not be required to sign on to any letter.
  • Receive email alerts on issues affecting the federal judiciary with occasional requests to make calls and send emails. Organizations will be asked to share alerts with your membership, friends & colleagues.
  • Be invited to join meetings/calls, some with outside experts, to discuss strategies on how to raise awareness around judicial nominations and the importance of federal courts.

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You may join our listserv with no obligation to join our coalition.

Coalition members:

Chicago Lawyers Chapter of American Constitution Society
Citizen Advocacy Center
Common Cause Illinois
Equality Illinois
Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois
Illinois Campaign for Political Reform
Jewish Women’s Foundation Chicago
National Council of Jewish Women of Illinois
National Employment Lawyers Association/Illinois
Planned Parenthood of Illinois
Shriver Center
Women Employed