The federal courts have a great effect on public policy and a direct impact on Coloradans. Federal judges receive lifetime appointments, yet the system for appointing federal judges, and the vacancy crisis in the federal courts, do not get the attention they deserve in Colorado.

Coloradans are also faced with an overworked and understaffed U.S. District Court in Colorado, which has not increased the number of judges since 1984. Increased workload from 30 years of population growth, plus additional cases arising from increased federal agencies with a regional office in Colorado could be addressed by the Judicial Conference of the United States’ recommendation to add two permanent district court seats.

It’s important to let Colorado Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner know that federal courts matter to Coloradans, and they should support both timely and fair consideration of judicial nominees in the Senate and legislation adopting the recommended increase in judges for Colorado’s district court.

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If you would like to receive more information about what you can do in Colorado in support of ending obstruction in the Senate and ensuring our federal courts are fully staffed with qualified judges, visit the Courts Matter Colorado webpage OR Facebook page. You will find information about ways to connect to the Colorado grassroots effort to educate and rally around the importance of our federal courts: and

Join us and end the political obstruction that has blocked the nomination of well-qualified, diverse judicial nominees and backlog in our federal courts. Take action today by signing our national petition, writing your Senators, tweeting Why Courts Matter, or writing a letter to the editor.